Just Squirrely Things Logo Art Contest!

Alright my beautiful squirrely following, I need a logo! Something I can use as my blog photo as well as print on shirts and other swag. And I can’t draw, so I need your help!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Draw/paint/build/genetically engineer the best, most beautiful, highest quality squirrel art your creative mind can muster up. 
  2. Post it on your blog and tag just-squirrely-things (remember to add the dashes please)
  3. When I see your post I will drop you a message in your ask box to let you know you’ve been entered (if you don’t get a message within a few days please let me know so I can make sure you’re entered. I don’t want to make any mistakes!)
  4. Post your pictures by 8/31/14 - any later and I won’t accept your entry! I’ll pick a winner within the first week of September.

Some boring rules:

  1. MUST be your own original work. If you use someone else’s art for this I will know and I will find you.
  2. Please make the image transparent if possible
  3. Remember that this is a logo, logos are usually pretty simple. Overly detailed pictures might not be best for this
  4. You can enter as many pictures as you want
  5. You don’t have to be following me to enter. But I assure you, you will love my blog and follow it regardless.
  6. Again, finish posting all your pictures by 8/31/14 please

YOU: “Okay just-squirrely-things, if that IS your real name, what’s in it for me?” Wow, rude. But ok, here’s you prize:

  1. The winner gets just squirrely things swag for FREE! You get a shirt! You get a cup! You get a framed photo of Dean Winchester! You get a squirrel plushie! You get squirrel jewelry! You get a DIY squirrel feeder kit! You get whatever else I come up with between now and then! GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS EVERYONE!
  2. I’ll give you credit for the art in my blog’s description, as well as a link to your site (blog, diviantart page, whatever you prefer)

Alright my friends, grab your art supplies and get started, this competition starts now!